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At the start of the pandemic, I went to a local discount store and picked up some clay. I'd end up spending the following two years diving into animation- stop-motion, claymation, water colors, and digital animation. I had absolutely no idea what I was doing and loved every tedious minute of it. I'm now a proud newbie animator!


Anyone can pick up something they want to learn more about- any age, any background.

Dive in and see what happens!

Claymation. Halloween 2021. Fun fact, the ground is made from painted and recycled Amazon packaging! 

Click for sound

One of my first stop-motions, Playdoh. Alien voiced by my husband, Justin Gregory Lopez.

Moby Is a Dick. Stopmotion and water color.

Claymation. Logo for @Izzysclayhouse (Instagram claymation page)

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